I have worked with Lisa for more then 20 years. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge of health and fitness, high value on correct form, enthusiastic commitment to her clients, provides the scenario for setting the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Lisa’s extensive repertoire of exercises and equipment assures variety in her classes while always incorporating stretching, weight training, cardio routines, balance, strength and flexibility. Lisa is energetic, upbeat, committed and inspirational, I recommend her without reservation.
— Valerie B.
I have exercised with Lisa Amols for many years and as long asI can move,she will be my Fitness instructor! Lisa has a great personality, always positive,energetic,enthusiastic, and fun. We laugh alot. Her studio is beautiful and well stocked with great equipment for a complete, total body workout, including stretching, weights, aerobics,and cool down. I like that she pays close attention to each of us to make sure everyone is using proper mechanics. Best of all, I love the shape I’m in because of her!
— Ann V.
I’ve always called Lisa a virtuoso work-out instructor, improvising new routines and fitting them wonderfully to the music — both of which I love! She inspires me to overcome my native laziness, and I’m rewarded by not being stricken with a guilty conscience for being sedentary not to mention the health benefits and the fun.
— Adele D.
Lisa’s class has helped me with body strength and balance.  This has made my recovery from several surgeries quicker. She is mindful of what are limitations are so that we do not hurt ourselves.
— Annette S.
Twenty-Seven years with Lisa; stronger than ever! What more can I say?
— Diane M.
I like the variety in each class, warm-up, weights, floor and bar work and, my favorite, aerobics.
Lisa provides structure and leads with example, but the work is not stiff or formal.
There are no machines requiring repetitive, boring motions and working on your own.
Most everyone, including Lisa, does the same work.
Her studio is not a competitive environment and we learn from each other.
— Annie F.
Great Body Conditioning class with a fun dance-aerobics part. Will give you lots of energy for the rest of your day!
— Silla V.
Lisa’s class is never boring. She makes exercising fun and keeps up with what’s new concerning health and exercise. She really cares.
— Janice B.
Lisa is a wonderful personal trainer to work with. She has a light touch and covers her deep knowledge with humor. She knows the body and how it works, something I was never interested in, and in spite of myself I have been learning more than the hip bone is connected to the what bone? She makes me feel smart, strong, and balanced mentally and physically.
— Zee G.